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RTS rebounders will undoubtedly improve your game!  


Check out what our customers and teaching professionals say about our products . . . 

“I am 65 years old and have played tennis since my youth. I became a teaching tennis professional and now am a professional pickleball instructor. My extensive training has always included my love for practicing against a wall or backboard. It is simply a great way to develop your shots and get a nice workout at any time that it is convenient for yourself. A quality backboard is a great tool for player development. I have practiced on The Racquet Training Specialist backboard and it is well designed and high performing. Any pickleball club would be well-served to have one for their members. It would be beneficial for player development and provide a nice practice / warm up exercise when there is a player waiting to play.”


Gregg Whitfield

IPTPA Professional

“I have been using my rebounder for about a month.  It has been a great addition being able to practice in my basement.  Especially during the winter months.  My dog also enjoys the rebounder…always waiting for the opportunity to chase the ball when I miss hitting the rebounder!”



Lincoln, Nebraska

“While I am using it, I really don't see any improvement in my skills.  When I go to the court, WOW!  My reflexes are so much better.  The people I play with are shocked by my ability to pick up on a fast return and hit it down the middle!

Awesome results in 1 month…”



Port Charlotte, Florida

“The rebounder has been great for my game. I use it for thirty minutes before I play and it sharpens my timing. I also use it in preparation for tournaments to get used to different types of balls {Dura,Franklin,Onix}.”


Wichita, Kansas

“I see your product as a great way for players to practice at home in small spaces like their garage and also a great product for pickleball clubs.”



IPTPA Professional

“The rebounder has improved my ability to dink as well as consistency with ground strokes both forehand and backhand through repetition from various distances.”



Indian Trail, North Carolina

"Just wanted to drop a quick note that I have assembled the rebounder and love using it! I am the caregiver for my elderly mother and have had to stop playing pickleball at our local YMCA to remain close to home.  I have been bummed that I can’t improve on my skills; until now!  The rebounder is filling that void by allowing me some time to swing the paddle and still be here at home for my Mom.

Thank you!"


Graytown, Ohio

“Our pickleball club just purchased the rebounder. The members are already enjoying the benefits that the rebounder offers. The workmanship is excellent, and dealing with Cliff was a pleasure.”


Mesa, Arizona

Yesterday - very windy here (and cold). I spent two hours hitting with my rebounder. Before I had this item, I would have done nothing for two hours - Thank you--lots of fun and good exercise."


Monroe Township, New Jersey

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