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Racquet Training Specialists is extremely proud to be the first company to offer a rebounder designed specifically for the sport of pickleball.  Unlike other products on the market that are merely adaptations of tennis rebounders utiliziing a net for the rebounding effect, RTS pickleball rebounders utilize a high-density, solid-core panel  that provides a more repeatable rebound, enabling the pickleball player to train and develop a more consistent stroke. Other features of our product include the following:


Our portable rebounders are designed in two assemblies for easy movement and transport - the panel assembly literally rests on the vertical base supports for easy removal and relocation. For transport, these models are designed with industrial-grade locking casters to enable easy movement for positioning the rebounder in your desired location.

Rebounder Casters

Panel Adjustability

Graphic of ball rebound

The rebound panel is designed to be locked in the vertical position.  As an option, accessories can be purchased to re-position the panel in the 10°, 20°, -10° and -20° angled positions. A positively angled panel, (as shown in the graphic), enables a loftier rebound of the ball at greater distances for practicing a variety of different strokes.

Here are some of our suggestions for each panel position.  We're sure you will come up with others!     

Panel Angles Graphic
  • 20° Position – the ball will rebound with high loft.  This is perfect for beginners by providing ample time for the player to react and get in position for the next shot.  For more advanced players, this angled position provides a way to practice overhead smashes.

  • 10° Position - the ball will rebound with a slight loft.  This is an excellent all-around position for practicing ground stokes, up-close volleys, and dinks.

  • 0° (Vertical Position) - the ball will rebound with no loft.  Similar to the 10° position, the same variety of ground stoke, volley, and dinks shots can be practiced.

  • -10°  and -20° Positions – the ball will rebound in a downward angle.  The ball flight replicates a shot by an opponent aimed at a player's feet as if they were standing at the edge of the no-volley zone ("the kitchen" line).

20 degree panel angle
10 degree panel angle
Vertical panel angle
Negative panel angle

Indoor / Outdoor Use

The rebound panel is UV-protected enabling RTS rebounders withstand exposure to the sun and accommodate outdoor use.

All-Steel Construction - Multiple Colors Available

All RTS rebounders are constructed with steel tubing and steel connectors  (no PVC plastic and glue).  In addition, you can customize your rebounder and select from among 8 different colors (3 standard  and 5 special order colors) for the frame/base and 2 different colors for the rebounding panel.

For added protection against rust, all tubes ends are capped to prevent any moisture from getting inside the tubes.    

Rebounder All-Steel Construction

Easy Storage

Rebounder Storage
Rebounder Storage

Simply loosen the connector bolts, slide out the vertical support pipes, and swivel the 45 degree support brackets as shown for easy storage of your rebounder.

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