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Racquet Training Specialists is extremely proud to be the first company to offer a rebounder designed specifically for the sport of pickleball.  Unlike other products on the market that are merely adaptations of tennis rebounders utilizing a net for the rebounding effect, RTS pickleball rebounders utilize a high-density, solid-core panel that provides a more repeatable rebound, enabling the pickleball player to train and develop a more consistent stroke.  Other features of our rebounders include:

  • Panel Adjustability - rebound panel angle can be altered to practice a variety of different drills

  • All-Steel Construction - framing is manufactured from steel pipe (no PVC pipe)

  • Mobility - rebounders are designed in two assemblies for easy movement and transport

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use - rebounder panel is UV-protected to withstand sun exposure 

  • Easy Storage - disassembles and requires minimal space for storage

Our rebounders are so durable they can also be used for tennis!  Undoubtedly, RTS manufactures the highest quality rebounders on the market today.

We also offer a complete line of innovative target training products and practice nets to help you take your game to a new level! 

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*Assembly, pick-up, and delivery option is available for Phoenix-area customers.  Contact us for details.


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